Shower Doors

Shower Doors


Framed and Semi Frameless Shower Doors

IMG_0292We offer Alumax brand custom built stikstall units with framed and semi-frameless options to fit any size opening.

If you are limited on space perhaps a sliding bypass door would better suit your bathroom needs. Each slider is also offered in a framed and semi-frameless version all with easy clean tracks! Whichever enclosure you choose, they are all made in a variety of popular colors and glass styles. Alumax brand metal is an anodized metal which is coated with 5 layers of clear coat to ensure long lasting durable quality and protection for years to come!


 All Glass Frameless Shower Doors

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There is nothing more elegant and appealing than a frameless all-glass shower door.

It lends class to your bathroom décor and really opens up the room. Having an all glass enclosure not only makes the bathroom feel more spacious it also provides an excellent visual image as soon as you walk into the room. What better way to show off that beautiful tile and really set your bathroom apart from all the rest.

 Ray Diamond Glass offers the widest selection of glass options, hardware options, and decorative finishes in the industry. Innovative designs and superior service keep our customers coming back again and again.

 We offer custom-built, measured and installed frameless doors to match the diverse tastes and need of our residential clientele. You can pick from a wide range of glass styles, glass hardware collection and glass-to-glass hinges and glass-to-wall hinges as per your choice.

 We specialize in custom frameless shower enclosures to fit any opening within tolerance.

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